guide for using this archive site:

Do as you like with the data --- download into your storage, print them out, OCR the data and make new Web site, contribute to projects I know and not know, whatever. --- No permission neccessary from me (Frank) beforehand, as of using scanned data.

To be honest, I am rather happy getting used the data in this site, rather than the data getting put, covered with dust forgotten. However, Please note that I did not participate in publishing any of ANALOG Computings. You might need permission from other people for your activity.

I've asked and checked with Mr. Lee H. Pappas the Chief of the Atari ANALOG Computing Magazine Editor, For that, This My project activity, is not opposed to the ANALOG Magazine Publishing staffs will. ATARI Analog Computing Publisher/Chief Editorial Staff, Mr. Lee H. Pappas (July 2006) [ e-Mail ]. I take his words as a permission to run the sites that are of shape now.

As of using the data I've scanned, You can take all the credits thus please take the risks for the usages according to using data in this site. (moved back to separate html down from Top) 20111110 (10th of November, 2011)